UK Employers still to make the most of London 2012, but it is not too late to act says Adecco


Three in five (63%) UK employers have no plans to celebrate the Olympic Games according to research from Adecco, the official recruitment services provider of the London 2012 Games. The findings show that just one in ten (12%) employers has drawn up and communicated plans to celebrate the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The research, published within weeks before the opening ceremony, reveals that British employers are failing to realise the extent of opportunities arising to engage their staff.

Of those employers that are planning on getting involved, over half (55%) will be decorating the office, half (52%) will be watching the Games live and a quarter will be taking part in sporting incentives, suggesting that despite some employers responding slowly, many will be enjoying the Olympics in their offices.

The research also revealed:

  • A quarter of employers believe something is planned but those plans haven’t been communicated to employees.
  • When asked if their employees are disappointed that there would be no London 2012 celebrations half (48%) said that they didn’t know as they hadn’t been asked.
  • Roughly half (47%) of employers felt they should in fact be celebrating but aren’t.
  • Nearly half (44%) said there is appetite within their teams to celebrate on a smaller scale.

When respondents were asked on a scale of 1 to 10 how excited we are about London 2012, the UK national average is 6.46 out of 10.

According to Steven Kirkpatrick, Managing Director Adecco:

We believe many employers are missing a trick. The Olympic Games is a great opportunity for national unity and that the spirit of the Games can be embraced by employers not just in the capital but across the country. “The London 2012 Games are set to be the biggest events this country has ever witnessed. This is a great opportunity for employers nationwide to improve working conditions, improve team working, increase motivation and company loyalty, and fuel bonding between colleagues by running a programme of activity around the Games. “The Games are now nearly upon us but there is still time for employers to act. We advise employers to encourage excitement by getting their whole workforce united in cheering on team GB”.

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