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Online security and fraud

Fraudulent Adecco websites and email scams 

What is it: 

The criminals involved have built sites using the Adecco Visual Identity and logo and are fairly credible. Visitors who believe the site enter their details into the contact form with the hope of finding work will typically give over their name, a username and a password. Usually they will be contacted via email and given the promise of a great job, a paid interview and can be lured into divulging banking details or even transferring money. 

This is a highly criminal activity and run by organized gangs. This scam is totally unrelated to our systems and does not identify any security weakness of any sort.  The sites are hosted on a number of domain names and on many servers – they tend to only last for a few days, but as soon as one site is shut down, another can be created for the next round of spam. 

It is very difficult to eradicate this issue entirely, but we are being highly active in reporting these sites to the various online fraud reporting bodies who in turn will campaign for ISPs and domain name hosts to remove these sites as they are found.

What does it look like:      

  • Websites include the official-looking Adecco logos and brand look and feel. To view an example please click here.
  • Spam email with subject line of “Let us help you find a job!” or “Access best job opportunities with Adecco” etc. are often appearing to be sent from “Adecco Consulting LLC”. 

What to do: 

The most constructive way of tackling this issue is in educating the public and ensuring that our brand is consistently delivered so that candidates and clients are more likely to recognise a fake site or email when they see one.If you have any questions about this please let us know and also please forward any reported spam to us at abuse@adecco.com.