AWR events


Adecco roundtable event

In May 2011, Adecco hosted two roundtable events attended by HR professionals. Andy Smith - Head of Regulation and Employment Law for Adecco Group UK and Ireland provided a detailed briefing on the content of the Regulations and the official BIS guidance. The presentation covered the following points:

PART 1 – Understanding the regulations: overview & key issues

  • Scope – excluded categories of worker
  • Definition of pay – entitlement to bonuses
  • Establishing equal treatment – the regulation 5 test
  • The pay between assignments ‘derogation’
  • Access to facilities and amenities


PART 2 – Analysing the impact of AWR, possible responses

  • How to conduct an AWR audit
  • Possible means to mitigate the impact


PART 3 – Practical issues of compliance

  • Exchange of information and contractual issues – MY / NV / Umbrella companies
  • Communication and information requests