Keeping our clients informed

Adecco has already delivered a series of events for our clients, ensuring they has the knowledge and support in understand what the Regulations mean for their business. At these events, we surveyed all attendees – pre and post-presentation – on whether they felt comfortable, confused, or concerned about the Regulations.  We were able to collate the following encouraging results:

• Birmingham: pre-seminar, 0% of attendees felt comfortable with the legislation, 73% were confused, and 27% were concerned.  Post-seminar, 70% of attendees felt comfortable with the Regulations, and the concern and confusion levels dropped to 15%.

• Preston: pre-seminar, only 7% of attendees felt comfortable with AWR, and a massive 90% were confused over the changes.  Post-seminar, comfort rates leapt to 83%, and confusion levels decreased to 10%.

• London: in our four London seminars, an average 20% of pre-interview attendees felt comfortable with the Regulations, 49% were confused, and 37% felt concerned about the legislation.  Post-seminar, an encouraging 96% felt comfortable, 0% were confused, and only 4% were still concerned.   

• Liverpool: in Liverpool, only 6% of attendees felt comfortable with the impending changes, with 7% feeling confused and 87% experiencing concern.  Following the seminar, 88% of clients were comfortable with AWR, and confusion levels had dropped to 0%.

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