Benefits of Retention

The employment market continues to change and current jobseekers find themselves with a lot more choice than they have had over the past few years. In our latest campaign, The Benefits of Retention, we’ll reveal why retention is so important to your organisation, and more importantly shed light on what is driving candidates out of the door and what would convince them to stay. In particular we will be focussing on:

  • Poaching– does it really happen? How it impacts staff retention and culture in companies.
  • How you can ensure that competitors don’t have the edge when employees think about moving.
  • Loyalty– are employees loyal to their employers? Why are they/aren’t they loyal? What employers can do to promote/encourage loyal and engaged staff.

Over the coming weeks we will be bringing you guides on best practice as well as all of the findings of our research study on over 1000 candidates.


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