Candidate assesment


Finding employees with the right skills is critical. That's why our market leading AdeccoXpert assessment system helps us to evaluate our candidates on the skills that make a truly great employee, including: 

• Proven skills and ability
• Motivation and attitude
• Work style and preferences

Tailored to exact requirements, Adecco uses psychometric testing, screening and interviews to select only those candidates with can do, will do, will fit attitudes. We have over 400 tests available (many written for Adecco by Saville and Holdsworth) to clients which allow for a wide range of simulation and aptitude tests.

Additionally, we offer a number of online training programmes where our jobseekers can hone their skills to be even better prepared for their desired job.  Associates can utilise our system to enhance their skills or learn new ones that are in-demand.  This helps them to be more marketable and ready to take on the latest challenges.

Contact your local Adecco office to learn about our industry leading testing and training programmes.