It’s time to shake things up. Ditch the dull, daily grind that makes so many workspaces uninspiring, unproductive places. Because research shows that positive workers perform better – and that humdrum has a high price, making sizeable dents in retention and results. Over the coming weeks, we’ll help bring the buzz back to your team with top tips, expert advice and the latest research on workplace happiness.

The smiles start here.

Happy, fulfilled team members are significantly more productive, so good cheer makes good business sense. But what’s the blueprint for banishing the Monday blues? The world’s most successful companies do it with genuine employee freedom and flexibility, plus a range of fun-fuelled perks. As well as providing you with advice on how to introduce happiness back into the workplace we will also be looking at current workplace perception across the UK and Ireland, with a focus on some of the following areas:

  • How many suffer from ‘Sunday Dread’
  • Who wishes away their working week to get to the weekend
  • How often employees think about work out of working hours
  • How important it is to feel part of a team

Watch out for our three top tips guides and full research report coming soon.