On 21 February 2012, UK businesses came together to discuss the key challenges facing the UK in unlocking the potential of the British workforce. 

To download the report highlighting the findings visit Unlocking Britain's Potential.

A major UK initiative

Unlocking Britain’s Potential is a major initiative facilitated by Adecco Group designed to engage UK business, Government and broader stakeholders in the debate on the action needed to realise the full potential of the UK workforce.

This initiative spans a twelve month period of roundtable discussion, individual interview, and industry survey. It culminated in the conference held in London on 21 February 2012 where we launched our Ten Point Plan.

Roundtable events

We wanted to engage with some of the most forward-thinking, insightful and yet practical business leaders, HR practitioners and key stakeholders, hosting four roundtable events during April, May and June 2011. Each event focused on one of four key workplace topics for the future – education, technology, engagement and diversity.

Four very strong themes emerged from the discussions – and were common across all four roundtables. These themes became the backbone to the research over the summer of 2011 and the core to the conference agenda.

Research interviews

To explore these themes in more depth, we engaged a research house to design and carry out a programme involving qualitative, telephone and online research. This took place from July to September 2011 with a cross section of 500 UK organisations, and 1000 employees.
To supplement this information, a number of in-depth qualitative interviews were held with influencers and opinion formers and all fed into the Research Report –
Unlocking Britain’s Potential.

Research Report and Ten Point Plan for Action

The combined findings from this initiative are to be published in a complete Research Report in February 2012, to be launched at the conference – although initial findings have been announced so that action can be taken now.

At the conference, Adecco Group will also launch a Ten Point Plan for action by British business, the Government and other organisations.