It’s never too late to land your dream job


We’re sure you know us well enough by now to understand how passionate we are about creating brighter futures. It’s our job to help you to realise your potential, and to give you the opportunity to do what you love; which is why we were so sad to learn that three-quarters of you have given up any hope of landing your dream job*. We were even sadder to learn that you had to abandon your lofty ambitions for the sake of security and stable salaries.

Now, there’s no denying the importance of financial security — or job security for that matter — but the economy won’t always be so volatile, and when the market does stabilise, your ambition should be stronger than ever. The mood of the nation — and of the jobs market in particular — has been understandably glum since the downturn, but the only way to effect a change is with a shift in your own perspective.

Ok, so if you dreamt of becoming an astronaut, a cowboy or a pirate, we can understand you relinquishing those ambitions for something a little more grounded, but if your dream job was based on what you’re good at, what you’re passionate about, and where you want to be, anything is possible — with a little preparation.

If salary is a sticking point, focus your energy on building a healthy bank balance. We know that’s sometimes easier said than done, but if you can shop around for the best deals to cut down on your bills, make some clever savings on your non-essential outgoings, and put a little extra into savings each month, you’ll be in a much stronger position to pursue your long-term career objectives. And never give up on yourself: strive to improve, develop, grow and achieve, so that when an opportunity does arise, you’ll have far more confidence in your own abilities.

Of course, the professional path never did run smoothly, and you’ll sometimes find yourself following a different course entirely; but that’s not always a bad thing. Our ideas of life — and what we want out of it — are entirely fluid. For most of us, our ambitions now are very different from what they were ten years ago; and that goes for our careers too. So whilst you may not be in the job you dreamt about when you were at school, college or university, think about how well that job would suit you now; and if you come to the conclusion that what you do now does in fact incorporate all of those longed for elements, congratulations — you’re already in your dream job (it just might be under the guise of a different name).

If however you’re feeling unfulfilled but you’re not quite ready to take a leap of faith into the unknown, think carefully about what it is you wanted to do, why you wanted to do it, and what you’re missing now — then think of ways to incorporate more of those elements into your current job, or life in general. Building up your skills at this stage, just like building a healthy bank balance, can place you in the perfect position to land your dream job when it comes along; or, when the time is right, to go out and make it happen for yourself.

If you can believe in yourself and never give up, there’s nowhere that ability and ambition can’t take you. And if you need help in trying to get there, you know where we are.

*based on a study in HR Magazine