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Raising money — and your bottom line: team building the charitable way


There’s been a lot of talk about employee engagement of late. Actually, there’s been more than a lot: news pages have been largely inundated with messages of what engagement means for your workforce, their productivity, and your bottom line. And there’s a reason: it’s all true.

A shared sense of purpose

But engagement doesn’t have to come from stock strategies alone; often, it’s a by-product of giving staff a sense of purpose, a common goal, and sometimes, a bit of respite from their day job. And that’s where the joys of charity and team building come in.

We say charity and team building, because the two so often go hand-in-hand. Whether you support an official charity or elect to raise money for the causes that mean something to you, the difference it can make to morale is really quite remarkable.

Feel-good factor

Our colleagues at Adecco support an incredibly eclectic mix of charities through dress down days, bake sales, and an inordinate amount of sporting events; and with friendships formed across the Group, a shared sense of achievement at the end of these incredibly worthwhile activities, and a real feel-good factor at large in every Adecco office, we can’t extol the virtues enough. And with spring skipping light-heartedly on the horizon, there’s no better time to start.

If you want to drum up support across your company, office, or team, you need to make your initiative sound fun, rather than guilt-fuelled. You also need to make workers want to be involved; and because people tend to be more engaged with something they’ve had a hand in, it’s a good idea to ask your employees to nominate their charity or money-making activity of choice.

Get everyone involved

To ramp up the team building aspect of your charitable work, encourage activities that involve your team as a whole, or the company at large — helping to both strengthen relationships between colleagues, and form new ones across the business. This could be anything from a treasure hunt or picnic, where people pay to be involved, to a pub quiz or sponsored bike rides, fun runs, or swimathons. And the best part? Most of these activities can be done for free, or at minimal cost to your business; meaning that you get an effective engagement initiative, without the overheads.

Make sure you have fun

Keep fun as the focal point, encourage people to work towards an exciting shared goal, and forget the pecking order when you get out of the office and into the spirit, and you’re sure to see some very real results — whilst also making a bob or two for some truly brilliant causes.

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