You're never too old to learn


Many people assume that skill development is age sensitive, and that it is mainly targeted at those starting out on their career or looking for promotion. This is not the case. It is always a good idea to keep honing your skills; it will not only keep you on top of your game at work, but also keep your mind sharp and used to learning. Here are some skills which all good employees should be developing:

Social Media

Skill development comes in all forms. Without even realising, you may have developed skills useful to every career – for instance, an aptitude for social media. If you have a Facebook page, or regularly post tweets and images online, you have moved on with technology – whether you did it consciously or not! These skills were not around 10 years ago, but are becoming more and more essential to various job roles, so be sure to stay aware of the trends and keep yourself up to date. Investigate the uses of social media in a professional context so that you can be an asset to your employer in this respect. For example, many B2C firms use social networks as a customer outreach facility; could you develop your skills to land yourself a role in PR?

Information Technology

IT is an ever growing industry, and just because it’s not your industry per se, it’s still a good idea to keep up with technological developments. If you feel that your IT skills are a little rusty, consider taking a training course which will refresh you on the basics and leave you feeling confident in approaching technology at work. IT skills will also help you outside of the office, as technology becomes an increasingly significant part of everyday life – evidenced by popular new devices like smartphones and tablets.

Industry Specific

It is always important to nurture skills that are relevant to your particular career path: they will help you in day-to-day work, and your expertise may eventually earn you extra responsibilities or even a promotion. However, you don’t have to do this by yourself – ask your boss about relevant training events and courses. Managers are keen to see their employees flourish, and are usually very accommodating if you show an eagerness to learn. After all, your new skills will help you to help them!

Here at Adecco, we can help you to develop your skills. Visit your nearest office today where members of our team can offer advice about your CV and interview techniques as well as help you focus on what skills you need to improve. We understand what potential employers are looking for and, with the right advice, you will be able to hone your skills for particular jobs.

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