How to stay motivated during a long job search

Job hunting, much like house hunting and anything else that starts out with a heavy dose of excitement, is full of highs and lows.


So how do you keep those all-important motivation levels up when you’re feeling a little knocked back throughout your job search? Read on for our tried and tested top tips…

Have goals.

If you’re overwhelmed by the whole process, try setting yourself a couple of specific, manageable goals that can be easily checked off each day. For example, instead of the woolly instruction to ‘network more’, assign yourself the task of reaching out to two new contacts every day, i.e. through Linkedin. That way, you’re far more likely to be targeting valuable connections instead of ‘blanket connecting’ out of sheer panic.

Get inspired.

Career paths are rarely straight forward, but reading a sea of carbon-copy job specs can make you feel under-qualified, or like you’re heading in entirely the wrong direction. Most successful people have faced more than a few set backs along the way (J K Rowling struggled to rouse interest in Harry Potter at the start of her phenomenal journey!) So when you’re struggling to stay motivated, we’d strongly advise reading up on the people that you find most inspirational. You’ll often find that their paths were anything but easy.

Get constructive.

Ahhh! It’s so frustrating when you keep refreshing a blank inbox but have no idea where you’re going wrong. If this sounds all too familiar, it’s time to get somewhat critical. Friends, family, mentors, ex co-workers, or even that supportive teacher from your past can be worth their weight in gold where constructive criticism is involved. Identify where you might be struggling (CV, interview technique, personal pitch) and ask for some brutal honesty. Tough love is where it’s at, but try not to be too hard on yourself.

Get reflective.

It could be the market; it could be the popularity of the position; or it could be that your heart simply isn’t in it. We all have grand ideas of what we should be doing, but if your job search isn’t progressing, it’s always worth checking in with yourself to make sure you’re still pursuing a path you actually want to follow. Passion is an incredible tool, and job hunts can be incredibly tricky without it.

Get focused.

Okay, we’re talking baby steps here; which isn’t always music to your ears, but hear us out. If you have your heart set on one job, but you’re struggling to get a foot through the door, ask yourself: is there another way in? We are all about ambition, but sometimes it’s completely necessary to inch your way along. For instance, is there a position below your ideal job that could open some doors, provide vital experience, and give you the chance to get yourself noticed? If so, what are you waiting for? It’s time to make your mark.

Well, we hope that’s given you some food for thought – but if you still feel lost and would like some extra help with your job search, find your nearest branch today.

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